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2 Adult Fun Activity Books - Used To Know That Maths + My Grammar and I New



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Daniel Smith

2 Book Pack
New Paperback Books


My Grammar and I - Activity Book

I Used to Know That Maths - Activity Book

My Grammar and I Activity Book

English can be a complicated language; with its myriad influences its grammar can seem full of exceptions and irregularities.

This activity book takes you through the basics of grammar, punctuation and spelling, providing clear and concise explanations of each concept followed by exercises to test how much you've remembered and consolidate your knowledge.

With multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, crosswords, pictograms, 'Spot-the-Mistake' quizzes, check boxes and similar tests, which increase in difficulty, this is the perfect primer for anyone learning English or who would like to brush up on their skills and test their knowledge.

You will never be caught out by misplaced apostrophes, dangling participles or poor spelling again!

I Used to Know that Activity Book

Arithmetic, Probability, Fractions, Measurements - maths is one of those subjects that continue to throw a lot of us in a muddle long after our school days. Yet we still need to use it every day, from splitting the bill in a restaurant, to counting out change at a till or working out exchange rates.

The I Used to Know That: Maths Activity Book is a guide designed to take the fear out of maths. Guiding you through the all basics and beyond, this book is full of clear and simple explanations with enjoyable exercises to help square your knowledge.

This is the ideal workbook for those who want to refresh what they learned at school and feel more confident with maths, or for people who just love the subject and enjoy a challenge.
New paperback books

Book Dimensions: 23 cm x 15 cm

Two paperback books published by Michael Omara in publishers shrinkwrap pack.


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