Anna Jacobs 3 Book Pack Historical Romance

Anna Jacobs 3 Book Pack Historical Romance

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Anna Jacobs

3 Book Pack of Regency Historical Novels

New Paperbacks


  1. Marrying Miss Martha
  2. Mistress of Marymoor
  3. Replenish the Earth


Marrying Miss Martha

When Captain Merrivale dies, his daughters Martha (28) and Penelope (24) have only a tiny income. Their foolish and penny-pinching cousin, whom they detest, offers them a home. But they would do anything rather than be dependent on his grudging charity. Millowner Jonas Wright is looking for a teacher/companion for his four young daughters, since his wife is a semi-invalid. At the same time, his colleague Ben Seaton is looking for a responsible woman to keep an eye on his headstrong half-sister, Georgie (15) who is already the target of fortune hunters. The sisters are offered employment and decide to accept. In the dirty mill town they find life more exciting than they had bargained for. They find challenges and danger in their new lives – but will they also find love?

Mistress of Marymoor

1759: Deborah Jannvier and her widowed mother are at the mercy of her cruel uncle. When a stranger brings a message from a dying relative, offering to leave her everything if she does as he asks, she doesn’t hesitate. A midnight ride with a stranger takes her to Marymoor and unexpected danger.

Replenish the Earth

1735: When Sarah’s mother dies, she has no alternative but to seek help from her mother's family, who had disowned her for marrying the man she loved. A shocked Sarah finds she’s now the sole survivor of the family and has inherited her mother's old home. Broadhurst is so dilapidated, the lawyer urges her to sell it to a neighbour, Mr Sewell. However, Sarah falls in love with it on sight. Desperately needing a husband with practical skills to help restore her land and home, she proposes to Will Pursley, a farmer dispossessed by Sewell and now acting as her bailiff. As the two of them grow closer, Sewell becomes more ruthless, prepared to murder to get what he wants. Can Sarah and Will manage to save the estate?

New paperback books published by Canelo

Book Dimensions: 20cm x 13 cm 

Anna Jacobs is one of our best selling authors.  We have lots of different series of books by this author.  The books here are 3 Regency Historical Novels.

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