Calmer Easier Happier Parenting and Boys 2 Book Pack by Janis-Norton

Calmer Easier Happier Parenting and Boys 2 Book Pack by Janis-Norton

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Noel Janis-Norton

Calmer Easier Happier

2 Book Collection of parenting help books 

Titles Included in Collection

Calmer Easier Happier Parenting

Calmer Easier Happier Boys


Calmer Easier Happier Parenting

Simple strategies for a happier home and more cooperative kids.

For children aged 3-13.

Finally, a revolutionary programme that gives you simple steps to take the daily battles out of parenting.
These strategies resolve one of parents' biggest frustrations: getting your children to listen and do what you ask, the first time you ask.

When children are at their best, it is easy to get along with them and enjoy them. However,
when they are defiant, argumentative or disrespectful, it is easy to get wound up, to argue back,
threaten, nag or shout. If this sounds like the situation in your home too much of the time, t
henCalmer, Easier, Happier Parentingis for you.

When you use these strategies, not only will your children become more cooperative, but also more confident,
self-reliant and considerate. Learning new skills like Preparing for Success, Descriptive Praise and the
Never Ask Twice method can transform your relationship with your child in a short
space of time and help bring the joy back into family life.

Full of examples and real stories from parents, this book gives you clear step-by-step
guidance to achieve Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting. These strategies work!

Calmer Easier Happier Boys

InCalmer Easier Happier Boys, parenting expert Noel Janis-Norton explains simple
strategies for the unique challenges of raising motivated, cooperative and confident boys.

Using the foolproof techniques Noel has developed over many years of working with families,
parentscanget back in charge. Living with boyscanbecome calmer, easier and happier.

This useful and highly readable book tackles:
- Self-reliance and common sense
- Concentration and impulse control
- Defiance, disrespect or aggression
- Social skills and peer relationships
- Dependency on electronics
- Homework and academic success
- Empathy and consideration for others
- Helping around the home

Full of practical suggestions and techniques that work,Calmer Easier Happier Boys
will help you to transform your relationship with your sons.

What parents of boys say after using the Calmer Easier Happier Parenting strategies: >'I'm so proud of the young man he's become, caring, hard-working, confident.' 'He suddenly seemed more grow-up.' 'The turnaround was almost like a miracle! It felt like we had a life again'


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