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Fashionistas 4 Books Sarra Manning Laura Hadley Irina Candy Teen New

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Fashionistas 4 Books Sarra Manning Laura Hadley Irina Candy Teen New Fashionistas

by Sarra Manning

4 Books

New Paperbacks




Beating 12,000 other girls to become the newest model on Fierce's books is Laura's dream come true. But she knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. She's gorgeous - everyone thinks so.

But when the thrill of winning fades, Laura is alone in London, in a shoebox bedroom with three fame-hungry flatmates. Being beautiful isn't enough now ... not when her booker thinks she's way too fat, and her devoted boyfriend isn't the rock she thought he was. Laura's got to make some difficult decisions. And time is running out...


Hadley Harlow was once the world's biggest child star. Now she's strictly C-list and launching herself on the London celebrity circuit to revive her flagging career. Sure, Hadley's high maintenance but she's also a tough cookie who isn't going to let anything stand in her way whether it's pesky agents, jealous co-stars or three diva-like flatmates. Not to mention the disapproval of Reed, hip film director and notorious modeliser. Like she cares what he thinks!
But even when you're on the bottom rungs of the showbiz ladder, you can still have a long way to fall. Learning to live in the real world is going to be Hadley's toughest role yet...

Irina used to steal designer clothes from Moscow's best stores. Now she's living in London and modelling them in the pages of glossy fashion magazines. Nothing and no one is going to stop her from becoming the world's most famous supermodel. Especially not her three really lame flatmates.

But hooking up with gorgeous photographer's assistant Javier and getting on the wrong side of top model, Caroline Knight, isn't part of her plan. Will Irina drop the diva act and let her heart rule her head just this once?

Candy Careless is the daughter of punk royalty and the acid-tongued star of the reality show that's boosted her eccentric family's flagging fortunes.

When Candy gets her heart broken she heads for London to escape the pressure of cameras in her face 24/7 and break into the world of fashion. Her bark and her bite alienate everyone from her three really lame flat-mates to the intriguing Alfie, but whatever. Not her problem.

But when dark secrets threaten to destroy everything Candy's worked for, she begins to realise that she's not really the sassy tough girl she plays on TV.

New paperback books
published by Hodder
Book Dimensions: 20 cm x 13 cm

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