Gilda O'Neill 3 Book Set

Gilda O'Neill 3 Book Set

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Gilda O'Neill

East End London Sagas

3 Book Set

New Paperbacks


The Cockney Girl

The Whitechapel Girl

The Flower Girl

The Cockney Girl

A gripping saga of love and loss on the eve of the Great War. The annual migration from London to the hop fields of Kent is normally a longed-for escape from the dust and grime of the East End. But this year Rose Fairleigh worries their departure will interrupt the slow-blossoming romance between her daughter Jess and postman Jack Barnes. Jack promises to visit and assures Rose he will keep an eye on her three sons, who are staying behind. Before he knows it, though, one of the boys is in trouble and it's up to Jack to bring him . Meanwhile in Kent, Jess' life grows increasingly confusing as, full of promises and charm, the son of suffragette Lady Worlington turns his attentions to her…

A heartwrenching East End family drama, perfect for fans of Sheila Newberry and Downton Abbey.

The Whitechapel Girl

A spellbinding saga of London's East End. Ettie Wilkins has to get out of Whitechapel. As her mother sinks deeper into alcoholism, the volatile lodger sharing their slum turns his attentions to Ettie. So when debonair Professor Jacob Protsky picks Ettie out of the crowd, she is determined to seize her chance. Despite a chorus of warnings, Ettie goes to live with Protsky in Bow to assist him with his magic tricks. But when Ettie befriends the mysterious Celia Tressing, she soon finds herself increasingly worried by events in Whitechapel. A series of gruesome murders and whispers of Jack the Ripper have shaken even that resilient community…

The Flower Girl

An enthralling saga set in London’s East End at the height of the 1930s…

Cissie Flowers has had her fair share of hardships but she’s always found a way to smooth over her worries and crack on with raising her two young children. Until, that is, her husband Davy is killed in a suspicious accident.

Suddenly gangster Big Bill Turner takes an interest in her affairs. When Cissie takes over Davy’s old flower stall outside Aldgate station to tackle her financial troubles, she soon discovers that the most beautiful facade can hide the ugliest secrets.

For some people who will stop at nothing to dispense with anything – or anyone – that gets in their way…

New paperback books published by Canelo

Book Dimensions: 20cm x 13 cm

Gilda O'Neill was born and brought up in the East End. She left school at fifteen but returned to education as a mature student and settled to live in East London with her husband and family. She authored the highly-acclaimed Sunday Times bestsellers My East End and Our Street, as well as many novels.

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