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Jon Katz Books 3 books Box Set A Dog Year, A Good Dog, A Home for Rose New



Jon Katz
3 Book Box Set

Titles A Dog Year A Home For Rose A Good Dog In Detail A Dog Year When Jon Katz takes in a young troubled border collie, his calm, sedate life will never be the same again Rescuing Devon, the most troublesome dog in the world A Home For Rose How My Life Turned Upside Down for the Love of a Dog 'I believed Rose had a secret plan for the farm, a detailed map in her head that showed exactly where all her ewes and lambs and humans ought to be. Though I was nominally the herder, I wasn't privy to the map. My job was mostly to latch and unlatch the gates, the rest was up to her'

Jon Katz leaves the suburbs for a remote farm in order to give Border Collie puppy Rose - along with our friend Devon from  A Dog Year - a true taste of herding life.

Rose's adventures start early, going head to head with a head-butting ram the day the sheep arrive. She soon establishes a routine for the sheep, chickens and donkeys - and Jon - that makes everything run like clockwork. However, any notion Jon has of the romance of a rural idyll is shattered when the snow comes and temperatures of minus twenty set in. With two fingers damaged to frostbite and a sheep lost, the prospect of all-night lambing seems terrifying. But with Rose by his side Jon finds there is little that together they can't do, and as spring comes and the frost thaws he finds himself battered, drained yet exhilarated.
A Good Dog The Story of Orson, Who Changed My Life When Jon took on a troublesome two-year-old Border Collie in A Dog Year , it turned his sedate life upside down and culminated in a move from suburbia to a rural farm.

But the contrary Collie - incredibly loyal but incredibly misbehaved - never settles down. Jon tries everything, obedience training, changing his name from Devon to Orson, even acupuncture, and it all helps a little, but not enough.

Together Jon and Orson chase sheep across high meadows, wade through snow, bask by a roaring stove and struggle to keep faith in each other. A story of great joy and heartbreak, in A Good Dog  Jon faces the most difficult decision any dog lover has to make ...
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