Max Hennessy 3 Books Captain Kelly Maguire RAF Trilogy Lion at Sea Dangerous New

Max Hennessy 3 Books Captain Kelly Maguire RAF Trilogy Lion at Sea Dangerous New


Max Hennessy

3 Books  

Captain Kelly Maguire Trilogy

In order

New Paperbacks


The Lion at Sea
The Dangerous Years
Back to Battle


The Lion at Sea
A young recruit. A legendary battle. A cataclysmic war. A baptism by fire...
Kelly Maguire knew from a young age that he could accomplish great things. As World War I begins, Kelly enlists in the Royal Navy, hoping to win both the war and glory.

But from the barbarous battles of Gallipoli to the nightmarish action of Antwerp, Kelly learns the trials a soldier must face: trials that will forge him into a man. As the epic battle of Jutland approaches, everything is at stake.

The Dangerous Years
Battle is joined...
Hero of Jutland in World War I, Kelly Maguire progresses rapidly through Navy ranks during the dangerous post-War years.

Amidst the Russian Civil War, British forces must rescue thousands of terrified White Army men from rampaging Communist militias. Maguire gets stuck in, risking everything.

From Russia, he moves on to China, and a gunboat incident on the Yangtze. His resolve is tested when he must choose between his childhood sweetheart to a wealthy aristocrat.

From old enemies to old flames, Maguire will once again have to risk it all to prove his worth.

Back to Battle
The crescendo of war, a crushing blow, a path to redemption...
Peacetime political machinations threaten Kelly Maguire's ambitions to be a Captain. But then war breaks out, and the world needs men who are willing to risk everything.

As World War II explodes, and after a devastating loss in the Battle of Narvik, Maguire finds himself washed up at Dunkirk during the evacuation of 1940. Once more he must prove his worth.

On the ocean, and the beaches, Kelly will fight for his country, and for the ones he loves. But, on the verge of true greatness after the Normandy landings, he is tasked with one final mission, one that could end his career...

* * * * *

As well as the Kelly Maguire series Max Hennessy wrote the Goff Familly and RAF trilogy of books.  He also wrote masses of novels under the name John Harries.  A master of his genre, Hebden's writing is as timeless as it is versatile and entertaining.

New Paperback books published by Canelo

Book Dimensions: 20cm x 13 cm 

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