Rachel Riley Diaries: My So Called Life 3 Book Set

Rachel Riley Diaries: My So Called Life 3 Book Set

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The Rachel Riley Diaries: My So Called Life by Joanna Nadin

3 Books

New Paperbacks


My So Called Life

The Life of Riley

The Meaning of Life

Why is life never like it is in books? Nothing interesting ever happens to me. I am not adopted, my parents are not alcoholics or drug addicts, and I don't live on a council estate. Even my name sucks. In other words, my life is earth-shatteringly normal.

This cannot go on. Something deep and life-changing has to happen... and sometime about now would be good.

Join Rachel as she sets out to make her life more interesting, befriend exotic people, and win the heart of Justin Statham . . . all while channelling her own unique vintage Essex chic.

Will she succeed in her quest for more tragedy in her life . . . or will it just be tragic?

Not suitable for younger readers.

New paperback books published by Oxford

Book dimensions: 20 cm x 13 cm

Joanna Nadinup in Saffron Walden in Essex, a small town, where nothing much happened, and wheres he spent an awful lot of time wishing she was somewhere else, or someone else. And that's what she write about now - for children, teenagers and adults: extraordinary things happening to very ordinary people, in very ordinary places. And about dreaming of other lives you might live.

And I have lived many other lives: as a lifeguard, a radio newsreader, a producer on a TV cookery show, a journalist, and a special adviser to the Prime Minister. And I still have other guises: as a speechwriter, a lecturer, and (in my head at least) as a future ice dance champion. And, of course, the many, many characters I create, from Flying Fergus (with Sir Chris Hoy) to Joe in the Carnegie-nominated and BAFTA-winning Joe All Alone.

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