Rosie Archer 3 Book Set

Rosie Archer 3 Book Set


Rosie Archer

3 Books

New Paperbacks


The Factory Girls

The Ferry Girls

The Gunpowder and Glory Girls

The Factory Girls

Autumn, 1944. Doodlebugs are the latest threat to war-battered southern England. At Priddy's Hard munitions factory though, Em Earle is about to suffer a threat to her livelihood from much nearer . Local crook Samuel Golden is back and up to his old tricks, trying to find ways to exploit people's hardship for his own gain.

As well as Samuel's unwanted attentions, Em has to deal with some huge revelations from within her own family. Her daughter Lizzie is pregnant, and a strange woman has turned up on Em's doorstep claiming to be her sister. Em is excited, but wary - could this woman be too good to be true?

Once again it will be up to the girls from the bomb factory to rally round and support one of their own.

The Ferry Girls

A heartwarming saga of secrets, friendships and wartime spirit at the height of World War 2. For fans of Daisy Styles, Sheila Newberry and Lyn Andrews

A young German girl finds friendship, camaraderie and even love while working on Hampshire's south coast ferries - but will her new friends desert her if her nationality comes to light?

'A gripping story packed with darkness and light, love and friendship, greed and betrayal' Lancashire Evening Post on The Factory Girls

Vee Smith is 22 when she starts work on Gosport's ferries, taking a job left vacant by the men gone off to war. She soon makes friends with the other women workers, and together they enjoy nights out dancing in Gosport - keeping their spirits up despite the hard work, rationing and heavy bombing. Vee even feels herself falling for Sam, the skipper of the ferry and her unhappily married boss.

But Vee has a secret: her real name is Violetta Schmidt, and she is half-German. If her true nationality is discovered, she and her mother could find themselves interned as enemy aliens - if their German-hating neighbours, or worse, Eddie, the man Vee ran away from after he got her false papers, don't hurt them first.

Will Vee be able to keep her secret safe, and find some peace with Sam and her friends even in the midst of war?

The Gunpowder and Glory Girls

The war is drawing to a close, but the munitions girls are still hard at work in the factory. Gladys, who's been promoted to overseer, has been feeling lonely lately. Her friend Em, and Em's daughter Lizzie, have moved away, and a lot of others have left Gosport too. Then an act of kindness towards Goldie, a less teenager, provides Gladys with a new friend and lodger.

But Goldie has run away from her dangerous family - a group of local gangsters and black-market smugglers, including a particular thug, a pimp, who is determined to make the girl his own

Can Gladys keep both of them safe while dealing with her own unexpected pregnancy?

New paperback books published by Quercus

Book dimensions: 20 cm x 13 cm

Rosie Archer's biography:

I write about Gosport because it's a rich seam of gold for storytelling. It's surrounded by sea,an old market town that once had in excess of seventy pubs in the High Street and it's people are gutsy yet caring.I was born here, went to school here and love living here. In the eighteenth century it was written that 'Gosport had little attractiveness, its town containing a full share of Portsmouth's vice and harlots, polluted by the fortunes of sailors'. The munitions factory, now a museum, gave me an idea for writing about the fearless women and men who worked there. The Munitions Girls was born and my lovely readers, without whom I wouldn't exist, liked it so much that The Canary Girls, The Factory Girls and The Gunpowder and Glory Girls followed. Inspiration for my books comes from things that have touched my life, emotions I have experienced. My characters are to me very real people with similar hopes and fears as myself and the people who have touched my life.

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