Star Trek Mr Spock Figurine and Mini Booklet Box

Star Trek Mr Spock Figurine and Mini Booklet Box


Star Trek Mr Spock Logic and Prosperity Box


A mini book of logical advice and quotations from the USD Enterprises's First Officer

Mr Spock bust

Display Stand

Mr Spock's adherence to Vulcan philospy and his logical approach to life's problems can be an inspiration for us all.

Meet difficult situations with calm reason or an arched eyebrow with this unique set, featuring a hand painted bust of the USSS Enterprise's first officer, a display stand, and illustrated booklet of Spock's philosophical quotaaions. Perfect for the office, mantle starship bridge, or anywhere rational though and tidings of prsperity might come in handy.

Book published by Chronicle Books

Dimensions of Mr Spock bust : approximately 10 cm

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