Teenage Health Freak 4 Book Set

Teenage Health Freak 4 Book Set


Teenage Health Freak series by Ann McPherson and Aidan Macfarlane 

4 Book Set

New Paperbacks






With over a million copies sold worldwide and translated into 22 languages, the Health Freak books have been a global publishing phenomenon, bringing both fun and vital health education to teenagers the world over. Health Freak: Bullying has the popular question-and-answer format of the Health Freak series (Sex, Drugs), based on genuine questions emailed by kids to the authors' award-winning health advice website (teenagehealthfreak.org). Frank, down-to-earth answers are given by the authors, both of whom are doctors specializing in teenage health issues. Bullying is a perennial and highly damaging problem affecting many thousands of children - boys and girls of all ages. It is a matter of desperate concern for those affected and for their parents and teachers, and is among the issues most frequently raised by kids in their emails to the authors' website. Bullying is currently much in the media spotlight and the target in the UK of a major government-sponsored initiative. It is also prominent within the UK National Curriculum.

New paperback books published by Oxford

Each books is about 100 pages long

Book dimensions: 18 cm x 11 cm

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