The Gentle Parenting Collection Sleep and Potty Training 3 Book Set

The Gentle Parenting Collection Sleep and Potty Training 3 Book Set

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The Gentle Parenting Collection by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

3 Book Set of parenting help books 


The Gentle Parenting Book

The Gentle Sleep Book

The Gentle Potty Training Book

The Gentle Parenting Book

Parenting trends come and go. Gentle parenting is different - it isn't a label for a precise set of rules but a method of parenting that embraces the needs of parent and child, while being mindful of current science and child psychology. It means parenting with empathy, respect, understanding - and boundaries.

In The Gentle Parenting Book, Sarah Ockwell-Smith provides a trustworthy combination of what-to-expect information and gentle-parenting solutions to the most common challenges faced by parents with young children. Sarah addresses a wide variety of topics, including coping with a crying baby, introducing solid foods and creating healthy eating habits, potty training, starting nursery and school, sibling rivalry, tantrums, whining and sulking, aggressive behaviour and much more. And for those parents who have previously used a more authoritarian style of parenting, there's plenty of advice - and reassurance - on making the transition to a gentler approach.

For many, gentle parenting comes as a relief because it chimes with their deepest instincts about the best way to raise their children.

The Gentle Sleep Book

A large percentage of parents find their young child's sleep - or lack of - challenging. This new book from Sarah Ockwell-Smith, founder of BabyCalm, will be an indispensable guide for parents, whatever challenges they are facing with their child's sleep - from the day they bring their newborn until their child is settled into school.

Examining everything from frequent night waking in babyhood, through bedwetting in toddlerhood, to nightmares and refusal to go to bed in pre-schoolers, this book provides extensive scientific and anecdotal information, plus plenty of gentle suggestions, to help everyone get a good night's sleep. This is a gentle, evidence-based approach that doesn't involve leaving a baby to cry or shutting a sobbing child in their bedroom.

The Gentle Potty Training Book

The Gentle Potty Training Book is a practical guide to helping your child through one of the most important developmental stages of early childhood. Avoiding strict timelines, rewards and plans that are based solely on a child's gender, Sarah Ockwell-Smith advocates an approach that is based on your child's unique developmental stage - because the gentlest, easiest and most effective potty training happens when you work with your child as a team.

Sarah's advice includes:

* Recognising the physical and emotional signs that your child is ready

* How to talk to your child about potty training and prepare them emotionally

* What you need to get started - the practicalities

* How to respond to accidents and setbacks

* Potty training your child when you're in full-time work or co-parenting

* The when and how of night-time potty training

* What to do after previous false starts

Comprehensive, practical and realistic, Sarah's advice will give you the necessary understanding and confidence to make potty training a smooth process for you and your child.

3 New Paperback Books published by Piatkus

Dimensions 2 books are 23.5 cm x 16 cm

Gentle Potty Training is 21.5 cm x 13.5 cm 

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